Secular, non-profit organization formed as a network of non-profit empowerment organizations

WE BELIEVE IN – Every individual and community has the inner strength

Andhra Pradesh Voluntary Health Association (APVHA) is secular, non-profit organization formed as a network of non-profit empowerment organizations actively involved in the field of community health sector and serving the vulnerable communities in rural and urban areas of Andhra Pradesh. It was registered at Guntur under the Society’s Registration Act XXI of 1860 on 12th June 1972.  It is one of the largest health and development network in Andhra Pradesh having association of voluntary health care centers / dispensaries and other voluntary organizations working in the field of health, education, socio economic and developmental; water & sanitation.

APVHA is part of Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI) which is a federation of 27 State Voluntary Health Associations established in 1970 with an aim to ensure social justice, equity and human rights in the provision and distribution of health services to all. As part of VHAI, we are able to have broader perspective in addressing important health and development issues at state level. The crucial attributes of APVHA’s work are sensitization of stakeholders, capacity building of state partners and coordinated efforts with civil society organizations.

Since its inception, APVHA has adopted rights over responsibilities based approach and believes that collective work along with the community participation is essential part of it and we also work towards a responsive public health sector and responsible private sector with accountability and quality service.

To strengthen the Voluntary Health Movement in the state of Andhra Pradesh to render the quality health services to the unreached through collective efforts thereby promoting sustained healthy communities

As a state level federation of Voluntary Health Movement, APVHA strengthens the capacities of its member organizations and influence the design and implementation of better health policies at all levels and in all forms. Strategic and unified partnership to access better health solutions require to maintain the improved health status of the disadvantaged communities.

APVHA strives for making health a reality for the people of Andhra Pradesh through enabling its member organizations and ensure better health access/resources to vulnerable communities.

Factors lead to initiation of APVHA

  • Realize the need for combined efforts and coordinated activities by the existing voluntary health sector to render quality health services to needy communities.

  • Strengthening capacity building efforts of voluntary health sector and utilizing their resourceful services for promoting better health.

  • Initiating State level advocacy and lobbying for designing health supportive policies and programs to ensure better health services to the needy.

  • To create a better and viable platform for the voluntary health sector in the state of Andhra Pradesh to address health issues and promote healthy communities environment towards self sustenance

Thematic Areas

  • Access of Quality Health for all
  • Holistic Health Education for Hygiene Promotion and Nutrition
  • Water, Sanitation, Environment, and focus on emerging health crisis
  • Women and Child Protection & Empowerment and Human Rights
  • Health related livelihood enhancement and employment generation
  • Disaster mitigation Activities


Working with NGOs/CSOs, Government, health institutes and other stakeholders aimed at improving the health status of vulnerable communities.


Promoting cooperation among voluntary health sector and government agencies through joint community health initiatives.


Collaboration with other agencies working on health to ensure conservation of resources for wider public health coverage. Linkages with service delivery mechanisms.


Research, develop, explore, exchange and dissemination of health information.


Representing the views of voluntary health organizations to legislative bodies, government units, national and international agencies working the area of health.


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