Achievements and key mile stones of five decades devoted efforts


  • Build the capacities of 5,677 team members of partner organizations through 102 training programs on a wide range of issues – Health, education, sanitation, personal and environmental hygiene, HIV/AIDS, Tobacco control, TB and vector born diseases etc. They were equipped with skills and knowledge.

  • 49 NGOs and more than 396 CSOs/CBOs Village Volunteers and ASHA workers were trained on Covid-19 awareness along with immunization and mobilizing LODOR families. Achieved 80% vaccination in the field area.

  • APVHA was part of National level Campaign on Tobacco Control initiated by VHAI which resulted in a policy making, parliament passed “The Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes Bill, 2019”.

  • Empowering CSO’s/CBOs on Routine Immunization Demand generation and supporting risk communication and community engagement for COVID -19 by national level experts from UNICEF & VHAI.


  • Global data on tobacco


  • Special sensitization program on malaria in 5 districts of united Andhra covering 309 villages. The outreach of the interventions is 78,490 people.

  • Dengue awareness campaign in 5 schools covering 1386 children and they were imparted knowledge on the issue and also motivated to spread the message to their families too.

  • HIV/AIDS awareness programs in 23 districts in united A.P. around 2.50 lakh people aware of the consequences of the disease and precautions to prevent it.

  • 150 special campaigns on “Reproductive Health Care and Rights” with a coverage of 17,500 beneficiaries.

  • In order to prevent TB, intensive awareness campaigns by member organizations conducted throughout state around 10 lakh people were educated on TB.

  • Special awareness camps exclusively for women on food and nutrition with a huge participation of women (20,000) from women groups.

  • Organized thousands of campaigns on Water, Hygiene and Sanitation. 2.50 lakh is the outreach of the campaigns and they equipped with best hygiene practices.

  • Around 2 lakh children were sensitized on personal health & hygiene practices, immunization and tobacco control through organizing thousands of School Health Education programs.

  • Dissemination of IEC on Routine Immunization and Covid-19 prevention and control, intensively in 135 villages in 3 districts namely: Kadapa, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam.



  • Strengthening capacities of member organizations to address the issues of health, sanitation and hygiene across the state
  • Focus on child health & nutrition that leads to holistic development of children
  • Addressing adolescent health care and nutrition, including anemia, SRHR
  • Attention on TB, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Dengue, and Covid-19 across the state.
  • Focus on unfinished agenda of Communicable Diseases, emerging non communicable and infectious diseases.
  • Advocacy and lobbying to strengthen the service delivery mechanism and infrastructure for health care needs of vulnerable communities.
  • Strategic partnership with various organizations – government, non-government corporate and other working at various levels for greater impact in promoting healthy state.
  • Publishing Journal – Health Mirror; IEC Material


  • Training and capacity building programs for NGO representatives, Government machinery and other institutes involved in health services like preventive health education, school health, adolescent health care, water, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, HIV/AIDS and mother & child care.
  • Research studies/PRAs/Evaluations/Assessments on health related issues
  • Development of Resource material/IEC/Audio/Video documentation
  • Planning and implementation of health and other development projects through member organizations across the state of AP.